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Park Joon Hyuk (박준혁) - 강아지 + Park Joon Hyuk - Control

I was really happy to buy Park Joon Hyuk's 2nd album, Human Life, yesterday at Soribada. It had been such a long time since I had last heard any songs from him so it was great to refresh my memory and realize that he is one amazing artist. It's not a surprise though that he is able to deliver such magnificent music - after all, he is under the beautiful wings of Pastel Music.

The whole album is brilliant. It's packed with both mellow and experimental songs that all somehow have a really unique stamp on them. The innovative use of instruments and especially Park Joon Hyuk's "depressive" vocal are one of those stamps that really give the album some diamond-quality. I am pleased to have the digital copy of this album but I want my fingers on the physical one, too.

The song that first got my attention in this album was 강아지 (Puppy), I think it's also one of the most interesting songs. The beginning differs very much from other intros, which is why this track somehow popped up to me in the midst of everything else. The intro of 강아지 is somehow mysterious, which makes me want to hear more. Park Joon Hyuk's melancholic vocal only makes me more interested in the actual message of this song. Better find the lyrics somewhere.

Just because I want to show you also how creative the people working with Pastel Music can be, I'll post the title song Control as well. The creativeness can be seen both in the song but especially in the MV of it. The MV reminds me that of Zitten's song Happy X-Mas (War is Over) and I have to say that both MVs, as well as the songs, are really something that differs from other labels. Pastel Music always brings delight to my life.

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