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My Top 3 weekly artists - Birdy Bitz Alien, Yoon Sang (윤상) & BIG BANG

I have been a little late with my updates because I haven't been at home.
Anyway, last week my top 3 consisted of two already more familiar artists and one completely fresh one!

Last week my top weekly artists were:
Birdy Bitz Alien (23 plays), Yoon Sang (윤상) (15 plays) & BIG BANG (12 plays).

I discovered Birdy Bitz Alien last week - to my surprise he was actually the same person as Jelly Boy (해파리소년) aka Kim Daein, whose works I have loved already for a longer period (see my post on Jelly Boy over here). Kim Daein is also known as the bassist of the very appraised indie act, Apollo 18, who are about to begin their tour in the USA soon. I was so excited to find more music by this guy because he is a person, who creates masterpieces that make me fall into a psychedelic state of mind.

The song I like the most is from BBA's album Virtual Reality. Not Kid caught my ears' attention instantly. I think that this song, despite being an instrumental, somehow is able to tell a story. I'm not too sure what kind of story there actually is behind this piece but I think part of the interpretation is up to the listener to decide. I really like the growth of this song and also the sudden ending. It left me wondering why the beginning of the song is kind of calm and then again the ending is strong yet so sudden? Well, I have my own speculations and considering the title Not Kid, maybe this is a song of becoming an adult? Who knows, my thoughts always lead me into this interpretation - maybe this is also because I'm on the edge of adulthood myself. A great electronica instrumental all in all, ensured Kim Daein-quality.

I posted already my first take on Yoonsang's discography a few weeks or so ago (please take a look at it here), but I'm not done with him yet. His discography is so full of great songs that it is impossible not to post more of his pieces.

가려진 시간 사이로
has been one of my favorite songs from him ever since 2008. That's when I first heard the new, improved and polished 2008 version of this song. I actually prefer the 2008 version of 가려진 시간 사이로 but I have to say that there is nothing less admirable about the original version, which was first released in 1992. It is a really beautiful and catchy Korean ballad along with Yoonsang's beautiful vocal.

A quick look at Big Bang as well. I haven't been a fan of their latest works (esp. their 4th mini album title song, Tonight, seemed like a disaster in my opinion) BUT there is one exception I have to make. I have always been a fan of their Japanese song, Koewo Kikasete (声をきかせて) released in 2009. Why do I like it? Because it's nothing like most of their Japanese songs - that is, bunch of club bangers and other secondary songs - but Koewo Kikasete delivers a fine mid-tempo ballad that gives the actual singers of the group, Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri  time to shine. T.O.P and G-Dragon aren't that bad either, maybe their English is tad hard to understand, though.

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